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Biomass as Essential for the human being has an important role in Energy and the future. In the aim to achieve Sustainable energy, and slowing down the Climate changes hazards, The World needs CO2 emission reduction goals; power and heat both reduce overall production costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


The product produced by this device is a solid type of coal that contains alcohol instead of carbon layers. This feature improves its combustion with other solid fuels and also significantly reduces waste and contaminants.

The raw material required for this plant is plant and animal waste. It is therefore accessible to all areas and does not cost any cost (this is one of the major defects in atomic energy). Also, with the use of these materials, the problem of disposal of wastes is also solved.s35c-1851228014201503566303.jpg
The product, manufactured according to the results of the calorimeter test, produces up to 75% more heat than other solid fuels.
The device is designed to automatically complete all stages of production and does not need to use the operator’s power during production, which does not require any special knowledge to produce, and its localization is very high.
The product is homogeneous in terms of physical form, which is useful for storage and transportation.
In warehousing, due to the design of its 5-sided cross-section, each product is the backbone of other products (such as the shape of the beehive hive). Because of this, the tensions caused by the products themselves are neutralized.
This device can be used in all areas and therefore the need to spend energy and power to transport is minimized. This means that you can use this device near the place of use of coal. Also, due to the item in stock, shipping is very convenient.

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