Use of flood with water diffusion method

Some annual rainfall in the form of runoff from rainfall, flood and evaporation is out of reach and leads to waste of surface water. Flood is often referred to as a phenomenon that has a harmful effect on a steep stream of groundwater, residential areas and coastal areas.

Flood spreading means the distribution of spring or seasonal floods on land, so that water has enough time to absorb the soil and enter the groundwater or use the desired plants. In the implementation of flood spreading, the following points should be considered:

1. The soil is the soil in which the water penetrates in terms of gypsum or salt

2. There are particles such as sand and sand to penetrate and prevent landing

3. Access to groundwater is easier (proper soil depth).

4. The amount and quality of rainfall in terms of seasonal distribution

5. Earth slope to guide water downstream

Ways of flood spreading
• Reduction of flood damage through the storage of these waters in aquifers
• Increase the amount of groundwater and prevent the water level from falling
• Prevention of salty water penetration into groundwater aquifers
• Use of water at the place of distribution for the intended plants (tree-growing, pasture and pasture)

✅ Different types of flood spreading methods

1. Control method:
In this method, which is more like a watering and irrigation method by a creek, using a series of valves, the amount of water flow in the network is controlled.

2- Without using the controller method:
This method is used more in the course of seasonal or temporary flood waters. This method is used to increase the amount of pasture and crop production and increase groundwater.

3. Circulation method:
Due to the fact that in most of the arid regions of the flood a large and short-lived, it is advisable to separate the main stream of the branches along the main path and the specified distance, then the water is rotated through the stacks formed on the surface of the earth So that there is enough time for water to penetrate into the soil. This method is called “Ghulam-kourousi”.

4- The method of making flood gardens with swimming pool:
• In this method, floods penetrate into the land by entering the pools that are closed by watering. These pools are 50 meters apart from each other and the flood will flood after entering the first pool and after entering the second pool, it will decrease the speed of water.

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