Beauties of Iranian Cisterns

The beautiful genius designer of water reservoirs in southern Iran is using coral stones for water purification. The rain water that entered the tank through the ceilings and holes. On the way to these holes, the cornstone was also disinfected in the water by releasing the carbon dioxide gas contained in these rocks.

Another interesting point in this regard is the deep connection between the woman who has the blessing and the water that is vital. In the ancient customs of southern Iran, only women had the right to enter the embankment of the aqueduct or the entrance of the Cisterns.brkhh-khal-bzrgtryn-ab-nbr-yrn

each water storage has one or more mammers that collect rainwater around it and direct it into the water reservoir to store it. Water storage can be used for storing water for drought and war periods, as well as staying cool in summer.

Water reservoirs are divided in terms of the shape and type of construction into dowel warehouses, water storage depots in the mountains, water cisterns and drainage water depots, but in the south of the country most of the water depots are dome-shaped, usually with white around the Roads and villages.


Water reservoirs are made of rock and rubble or cement, and their depth from the surface of the earth is 3 to 12 meters and their diameter varies from 2 to 30 meters, and each pond has three or four valves, of which, to remove Water is used by buckets, and each pond has one to three special valves for water entering the water storage, and the water storage section is usually cylindrical or circular and the roof is also conical.


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