What is sustainable Agriculture

​Sustainable agriculture is a vision that relied on human goals and knowledge of the effects of agricultural activities on the environment. In order to achieve such a system, one must consider the experiences and knowledge of the past and, along with new and scientific advances, apply methods in agricultural activities that have less effect on the environment and do not endanger human health. In order to achieve sustainable agriculture, the following measures are essential (1).

Environmental stability: In order to stabilize agricultural activities, one of the aspects that should be considered is the creation of a balance in environmental activities. The most important ways to do this are to protect the water and soil, prevent erosion, to know the coexistence of organisms, the use of local and indigenous varieties, reduce the input of chemical inputs into the environment, the use of natural enemies In the field of pest management and integrated application of different agricultural sectors (animal husbandry, agriculture and horticulture) alongside each other.

Social stability: One of the dimensions that must be considered in achieving sustainability in crop activities is social dimension. Major issues that lead to social stability include: preventing rural migrants from using appropriate incentives, improving the quality of life in rural areas, improving the technical knowledge of farmers in the field of sustainable agriculture and expanding cooperative and participatory activities among farmers.

Economic Stability: Another aspect that plays an effective role in achieving sustainable agriculture is economic stability. In order to achieve economic stability, the following should be taken into account: the stability of the price of agricultural products in different years, the reduction of the number of intermediaries in the transfer of products to the market, taking into account the supply and demand for agricultural products and balancing them, in Consideration of the product’s income in the short and long term, the expansion of farmers’ competitiveness in the field of products and the development of appropriate investment and profitability.

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