Global innovation

Mission and Vision

This Net game can be used to simulate and invite the global genius of the world and use the human energy of network game fans to participate in a profitable project.

Competitive Advantage

In most of these games, the issue of the rescue of the Earth is from alien creatures and the issues raised in Hollywood. If these conditions are formulated in the form of describing rescuing the earth from the real global challenges, such as saving the land from climate change, assassination and natural disasters, in the first place, while the creativity of the youth of the world is used optimally and has the same benefits. They include science (cheering, heroism, knowing anti-heroes, creating friendships networks based on the knowledge and role of each other in saving the land) The human challenges also play the role of the youth and teens of the world, which are our next legacy. It will be transmitted and will be a promotional and informative plan . 


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