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The method of converting storm water and flood water for the SDGs
Ancient predecessors have been very capable of curbing natural forces. Thus, many of the current global challenges, such as climate change and water scarcity, poverty and population, and so on, lie in the course of history and culture.
One of the most beautiful ways to turn the threat into an achievement can be by studying the method of flood control and turning the flood into a source of water supply in Iranian history.
This idea is based on two traditional and local Iranian technology and businesses. Iranian aqueduct and water technology are both currently in use in Iran (water storage is less globally welcomed, but a good alternative to water storage).
It is possible to use these two ancient and efficient technologies to turn the flood into groundwater resources.
To manage seasonal floods and part of the current flood waters, the following solution is recommended.

This solution can be used in a modern and agile way to use flood injecting into groundwater aquifers.

The plan is based on the rebuilding of two fully operational anti-clockwise technologies. To control the stormwater, we can use a modern and modern model inspired by Iranian cisterns. What I heard as a normal person from my parents was that in ancient times in Iran, water reservoirs were built in the course of seasonal floods. These huge and sturdy buildings were like a large pit on the flood route, and severely reduced the destructive effects of permanent and large floods. These buildings were considered for water as a large, safe and covered reservoir after each flood. Also, flood deposits were used as fertilizers and part of the water as reservoirs of fish pools.
The Iranian Cisterns and Qanats are invented for managing the Water in the separate fields especially desert which is always in the direction of stocks of water floods and seasonal rivers are made.

As well as those of the water near the site of one of the branches of the aqueduct is located, with innovative engineering and transfer of new floods to surface connector of the Qanat, can be found from the surface to inject into the flood water table underground

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