Celebrity of Longest night with Bojnurdian Organic Foods and Original traditionals

Night in Bojnurd;

By entering the last month of the autumn season and ending up with long freezes, food preparation for the night ran began.

Mothers and grandmothers tried to bring the coffin table over to their husbands who had pounded “hat” and “grape” grapes.

Who had already removed the ash by cleaning the room’s oven and dipped some of the beets on a fire that intensified the burning of soaked firewood under the snow,
They dug tabbek, or the same broom, into the oven, which had been available from the beginning of the year to protect them from cold and winter.

Along with the beetroot, pumpkin and zardak, they used to carry “ghover ma” or “gorme”, which was common in most families, “Mashallah” or “Mashhaleh”.
And the families that ate the same day, “Mustova Mastova”, the same afternoon.

“Halva with grape juice”, which was the art of the hands of the mothers, was considered to be the tasty meal of the night, which came to Messi’s compound.

The melon and watermelon seeds were one of the snacks that the grandmothers had prepared for the night.

Peas, raisins, apricot, walnut, anise, roasted wheat (ghorgha), apricot kernel (dane shur) and local sesame halva,
There were a variety of snacks that the family and guests were seated around the seats and heater,
Listen to Grandpa’s sweethearts.
By wearing handmaid from the men of Ghouchan and Draghs, he holds a book and reads stories from the wise Farzaneh Tous or Hossein Kord Shabestari and Amir Arsalan under the pale light of the mouse, the lanterns or the Lampas.
The days of the “lace” leg had not yet reached Bojnourd.

And on the last night of the cold nights, they passed the chase and lost the hearts of the grandfather’s stories.

To the extent that the smell of gardens and the unforgettable voice of Grandpa from the passing of old sweet stories stopped the time, and for hours, all of them would listen to him.

Sometimes snowfall at that night was so high that when they rolled the snow from the rooftops twice during the night to morning, they believed that spring and summer would be full of blue and they would harvest well.

When the nightshirt coincided with Ramadan, they heard the voices of the readers who read the chants on the roofs, and then drove them and then ate the magic.

Of the other rituals of the Bojnourd people, the “chella legh” was used for the kindergarten who experienced the first night of the nomination period as a paternal home.

A collection of gifts purchased from the groom’s family for the bride was a male sheep that had a small mirror and a red fabric on the forehead.
Along with it, the amount of “Sare Yak Sare Yagh” (yellow oil),
Fabrics, fruits and two sugar candies decorated together with the family, placed in the copper assemblies and placed on their heads,
They went home to the bride’s house, one of the two alleys in their home, playing the “circle” and “ghoshma”, brought joy and serenity to their bride’s houses

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