Evidence educational field educational name University City Average Date GetEvidence
Master of Science Mechanics of agricultural machinery Tehran Tehran Campus 01/17 and

54/16 university

Bachelor Mechanics of agricultural machinery Ferdowsi Mashhad Iran 86
Ability to master the level CATIA design Iranian Formworkers Association Tehran Iran 85

Title End Letter Above Bachelor: The design and method of making a compact biogas production plant from plant and animal residues (high grade defense)
Title of Campus Project Selection Project (Type 1): Designing, constructing and evaluating a sweeper and producing bio-solid coal from agricultural and livestock wastes (Campus and Isna and Mörnienz and Fars, and …)


articles Presentation Have been To Seminars And National and international conferences International :

Title Location Conference Date
Design, Manufacturing, and Testing a Portable Tractor Unit Biocoal Harvester Combine of Agriculture and Animal Wastes Dubai 2015
Design of the rear tractor system for the production of compact compressed bundles of plant residues The 5th Annual Conference of Agricultural Machinery (Mashhad) 87
Designing, constructing and evaluating a behind-the-tractor machine for producing coke from plant and animal waste Non-Agricultural Defense Conflict Conference (Qeshm) 92
Design, Production and testing of the Portable Grander and Biomass Briquetter from Agro and Animal Resides Mechanical International Conference (China) 2013
Linear drawing of wheat work Sixth National Biochemistry Mechanics Conference (Tehran) 88
Movement Mathematical Modeling & Simulation of a Seed in an Exiting Moment of a Centrifuged Seeder with MATLAB Agro Based Mech. (Malaysia) 2014
Designing a system for thermal energy production, energy crisis management in ELMIA 2014 2014
Designing a native system for the production of thermal energy from organic wastes in non-operational defense and urban management applications Second National Concert of Metropolitan Inventions of Tabriz  


Research projects  And executive by executive and peer  :

Title Institute Protection The
Production of a pilot plant for the production of solid biomass from sawdust University of Tehran
Design and manufacture of biomass production line from plant waste Army Air Forces Training and Support Office
A study and study of the biogas production line of the bulk wastes Mashhad municipality
National plan for purifying plant and industrial waste and air pollutants by specific filters Azothek Company Tabriz
Germany analysis Limited three blade blades made for dual-use plows by ANSYS software And optimization Khorasan forging
Design a Portable: Shredder, Hammer Miller, Preheater for a Paper base Raw Material Standard Solar Co.
Designing, modeling, optimizing and extracting a standard map of a stack field finder Biotechnology Research Center of Industrial Research Organization


Performing several modeling and mapping in workplaces, salid and mechanism environments Kamal Shahr industrial town workshops
Design a gearbox with a special output and a ratio of 1: 5 for the first time Parsa plus
Design of heat energy production system of organic waste in villages under twenty households National Iranian Gas Company


Design of the feasibility of greenhouse construction with artificial soil with the goals required for medicinal plants and optimization of medicinal plants properties. Hormozgan Governorate
The design of a biologically active biomass plant from palm wastes Ahwaz Alcohol Company
Compilation of two courses of candy making and music in the northern part of Khorasan in the Applied University of Applied Sciences in the field of applied sciences and defending candy in the Supreme Council of Applied Scientific Applied Sciences Provincial Center for the Supervision of the Applied Scientific Complex of North Khorasan


Feasibility and design of industrial production line of Bojnord candy A real person


Director of the Department of Car Mechanics, Technical University of Applied Sciences of Shirvan Applied Science and Professional Organization of North Khorasan
Honorary Assistant Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Turkey in introducing non-oil investment opportunities Turkish Chamber of Commerce
Judge at the Khwarazmi Festival in 1395 Stan North Khorasan



subjects Case interest To Research And Research :

Designing a mechanism for the production of biofuels and renewable energies and optimizing them by enrichment or volume composition of raw materials
Management and design of organic waste management systems
BioFilter extraction  Using portable reactors from biostructured wastes. And BioGas extraction From dynamic cycles of bio-waste

awards And documents Honorary And Medals Get Have been :

Title Organization Or Institute give The Country
Market fan design University of Tehran (in the Tehran University’s Research Achievement Show) Iran
Sample group design at the undergraduate level School of Biomaterial, University of Tehran Iran
The design has the ability to optimize The Office of Intellectual Property of Tehran University Iran
The initiative has an innovative step in the world The Office of Intellectual Property of Tehran University Iran
License number 79035 Directorate General of Industrial Property of Iran Iran
Top Academic Provincial Tutor Applied University of Applied Sciences Iran
Designer of ISNA and interview on February 15, 2010 ISNA Iran
Insert the interview as the selected designer on February 16, 2011 Merseniz, Mashreq News, Soldier, Fars, News Engineer, News University, Sugar Cane News … Iran
Introduce Invention News by HighBeam High- Tech Research Site in history Feb 13, 2013 HighBeam International
Application for PhD Researcher With Fund Illinois US
Application as PhD researcher with Fund Nottingham UK
Application as PhD Researcher with Fund Manchester US
Application as PhD Researcher with fund Adelaide AU
Introduction  And the approval of the US Department of Energy by the Energy Research Institute for Research Fellowship Department of Energy USA
Acceptance of Invention on the WIPO GREEN Environmental Inventory Platform As an exception to the case WIPO GREEN WIPO
Individual member as an exception TISC of WIPO. WIPO

Join At Forum By Academic :

name Institute Country Year Join
WIPO Green WIPO 2015
ACCCN Global 2017
Global Innovation Exchange Global Change Forum with Innovation Global 2016
Meeting the challenges of global water data Water Data Challenge Global 2017
Chinese technology trade IPNEXUS China 2015
InvenTrust World Assembly Global 2017
World Academy of Science and Technology Global 2015
World Wide inventors USA 2017
EU Commision EXPERT EU 2017
YouthPower GLOBAL 2017
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) USA 2013
Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Iran 1392
World BioEnergy Association UN 2013
International Federation of Inventors International 2011
European BioTech Federation EU 2013
Scientific Association of Inactive Defense Organizations of the Country Iran 1392
Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization Iran 92
Tehran University of Technology, Mining and Trade Iran 90
Renewable Energy System Designing Engineer Community International 2011
CaseHD International Engineers USA 2010
Diesel Progresses Designer Germany 2001
Solazyme Bio Eng. Team Inter 2010
 Researchers of Iran Natural Resources Organization Iran 90
Association of Agricultural Machinery of Iran Iran 86
Member of   Iranian Mechanical Engineers Association Iran 92
Iranian elite foundation Iran 91
Dassault system Designer Eng. International 2012
CAD / CAM / CAE World Designer Dassault System 2008
Membership in Iranian Shemale Iran 89
POWER-GEN Brazil 2012
 Department of Energy, R & D   Office USA 2013
Penn University   Energy Research Association USA 2013
Member of the HSE Society in Iran Iran 92


Other abilities:

1      Simulation of machining operations by Power Mill 8 software

2      Mastering graphic software and film assembling

3      Dominate the Office suite

4      Understanding and working with SPSS statistical software

5      Understanding and programming in the DataBase database environment: Access, Fox Pro, VB

6      Programming under Visual Basic 6.5, Items such as the motion control robotic movement through the printer port in high school, the database connection software

7      Curriculum vendor finite element programming programmer with parametric input under Visual Basic software

8      Sample student lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Ishraq University in Bojnourd in year 91

9      Holding a workshop on material resistance in the scientific community of Tehran University

10  The first performer of the Kurdish Turkish Bagolma (Divan) in North Khorasan since 81

11  Proponent officer of the company 1 Battalion 2 Period 167 Kermanshah Martyrs’ Garrison in 87 for the incentive leave

12  Approval of the selection by the core of the education of North Khorasan for Amiri in 86

13  Encouragement from Mechanical Engineering Unit of Jihad-e-Baznard, addressed to Ferdowsi University

14  The highest score in Ishraq University in 1993 with a score of 19.87

15  Honorary Assistant Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and Turkey in introducing non-oil investment opportunities

16  Specializes in protection of ideas and registration of products with consultation at national and international levels

18  Provides innovative water and energy management models by retrieving innovative and engineered ancient inventions. Such as the use of aqueducts and water cisterns   for water management. And the energy of the waste. Registered at WIPO GREEN.

19th  The use of computer games for the participation of teens and network gamers in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) registered in Global innovation exchangeIMG_20171206_182934_439

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