Optimized oven riding and travel
Undoubtedly one of the tools that affects the health of the home and the environment of home stoves. The most important use of these tools is cooking and the required average temperature is up to 200 degrees Celsius.
Many people have a great interest in experiencing living in harsh areas, and holidays, by burning fire (direct burning of biomass materials), enjoy the surrounding nature and cooking. The subject is slightly different in developing and developing countries. In these areas solid fuel stoves are used in everyday life. By providing more oxygen than needed, these ovens produce soot and burned solid fuel and heavy solid ash and produce many toxic and harmful gases.
Knowledge of the use of renewable thermal resources will not succeed in many parts of the world for many reasons. One of the reasons for the complexity of these ovens and the lack of comprehensive knowledge of construction and maintenance and high initial prices.
In this innovation, by designing an optimized system, in addition to managing the optimal energy level, the principle of insulation and non-loss of energy is observed and the heat generated is also directed to a specific path.
It is very important to have access to oxygen for optimal burning of solid fuel. Low oxygen levels produce carbon monoxide and very little thermal value.
High levels of oxygen can cause burning up and increase carbon dioxide gas and half-burn wastes and reduce thermal energy.

In the Shirvan area of ​​northern Khorasan in Iran there are traditional and old stoves, which are limited to oxygen and burned in a dome box, producing more heat and burning than other direct burning air incinerators for solid fuels has it.

The shape of the oven is proportional to the needs of the market and customer, and the scale will change according to its needs. The raw material of the oven chamber is galvanized steel, a thin layer of cement or common clay used for furnaces. The chimney pipe is also guided to the combustion chamber, and above it, and the tip of the cone cupboard is designed as a conventional container, and in the middle of it is a lattice plate for better heat transfer.

This oven has a spring and slurry mechanism for discharging flammable waste and ash.

The oven can be folding and removable parts. This kind of stove can be used in picnics and travels. This oven application will reduce forest fires. Many of these fires are due to the neglect of tourists.
This innovation is designed to be used for my innovative solid fuel utilization and has been tested by Kateia’s software.

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