Portable Tractor United Solid Bio Package production of Organic Wastes

Publishment link in WIPO GREEN database.
Biomass as Essential for the human being has an important role in Energy and the future.
In aim to achieve Sustainable energy, and slowing down the Climate changes hazards, The World needs CO2 emission reduction goals; power and heat both reduce overall production costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The main purpose of this Technology is based on this fact that by producing multiple products, a bio-refinery can take advantage of the natural complexity and differences in biomass components and intermediates and therefore maximize the value derived from the biomass feedstock. A great fraction of worldwide energy carriers and material products come from fossil fuel refinery. Because of the ongoing price increase of fossil resources, their uncertain availability, and their environmental concerns, the feasibility of oil exploitation is predicted to decrease in the near future. Therefore, alternative solutions able to mitigate climate change and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels should be promoted.
The focus is on the state of the art in biofuel and biochemical production, as well as discussion of the most important biomass feedstocks, conversion technologies, and final products. Through the integration of green chemistry into biorefineries, and the use of low environmental impact technologies, future sustainable production chains of biofuels and high-value chemicals from biomass can be established. The aim of this bio-industry is to be competitive in the market and lead to the progressive replacement of oil refinery products.
The use of biomass as an alternative energy source would reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
In this invention, which is an academic invention, during designing, we focused on optimizing traditional platforms of Biomass Energies Technologies.in aim to reach biomass Bio-package portable machineGREEN EARTHn

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