PROF. LEFSURD OF MCGILL. ways to collaboration.

I do have a position for a student like you in the PhD program. The position would start as unfunded but normally builds to a funded position around $12,000 Canadian a year. The project will pay for all costs on the research, so nothing would come out of your pocket. I am attaching my form letter is you are interested, I would recommend you aim for a January 2014 start but you would have to begin the process now to get the visa’s in time. At this point I cannot guarantee that you would be accepted into the lab or McGill but it is possible.
Good Luck

I would like to thank you for your interest in my research program at McGill University. I am currently accepting graduate students (beginning in September 2013), with the areas of interest listed below. These are unfunded positions but support could change as the year progresses. There are possible university funding for new students but this can not be requested until after McGill University acceptance of your application and your acceptance into the program. If you are still interested in my research program, you could begin the application process. Application does not guarantee your acceptance at McGill, my Laboratory, or funding but would provide you with a shorter application process if the process changes. Please note acceptance by McGill does not guarantee placement in my laboratory, I only have a few open positions and will be selecting students that best fit my research direction. Further information is available at The deadline for applications is listed at the website.

My laboratory research program is focusing on three areas of research all with the general focus of biomass and biofuel production.

The projects are: 1) Developing controlled environment agriculture (Urban Agriculture) using LEDs for plant growth and a range of plants. This project is focused on improving LEDs for greenhouse and growth chamber testing of the plants but also is interested on improving production and energy savings within controlled production systems. 2) The development of an oilseed pea. This includes cultivation of the peas, extraction of the lipids and characterizing the lipids. 3) Harvesting and handling of biomass for downstream uses, including gasification and combustion for space heating and carbon dioxide enrichment in plant environments, this work focuses on the engineering design of the process. Secondary work would be to develop combustion procedures for electrical generation using the syngas. 4) Research on proteomic response on plants under different LED wavelengths. For further information please review my website at
I would like to thank you for expressing interest in my research program and would be willing to answer any question that you might want answered

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