Alternative Energy Provider of organic wastes portable combine

Benefits of Innovalililition:

1- Waste management

Animal and plant waste material must be collected and managed properly. Since, they have high organic material, by nature, they have a high quality. This material must be processed properly and quickly to create the CBC; where otherwise when left out, it will create a pest.

By designing a tractor mounted CBC system, with affordable initial cost, this system is implemented in a house and industrial factory will be eliminated.

2- Environmental System Management

The environment becomes cleaner, less polluted, by converting the animal and plant waste into CBC and replacing fossil fuel by CBC. The CBC exhaust fume carrying the CO, hydrogen, and water vapor which are environment-friendly gasses.

3- Energy Crisis Management

With creation and mass production of the CBC system, the energy crisis will be controlled by applying this system instead of existing heating and cooling system in a household or even in industries. The thermal efficiency of the CBC is higher, therefore, is highly recommended.

4- Handling and Transportation.

The CBC system can be carried out in rural areas as well as in cities with a tractor. The CBC system does not need a distribution system or pipelines to transport fuel into power sources.

The CBC energy source system is regional dependent so if a disaster occurred in one region, the other will not be affected. The waste material needed for the CBC system is regional which will not be in crisis of shortcoming or transportation The CBC know how is localized therefore will not be in a crisis of handling and transportation

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